The Amazing Story Behind the Global Warming Theory

John Coleman, the founder of the cable TV Weather Channel and currently TV meteorologist in San Diego at KUSI began a series of short briefs trying to explain in simplified terms for the layman why he does not believe in global greenhouse warming on his KUSI platform. Click here


Allstate’s Call To Action Website

Politics is not a spectator sport.  We cannot afford to sit on the sidelines.  By getting involved in Take Your Stand, you will be better informed and prepared to make your voice heard.

Government overspending…..
Too many benefits for City Workers….
Universal Health Care……
Too many budget cuts……
Illegal immigration……
Global warming…..

Allstate “Hands In The Community” Program

left to right - YDGA Board Member Brendan Sage, Scott Lebrick. Agent Ron Tocki

I was able to present the Youth Disc Golf Assocation with a check for $500 from the Allstate “Hands In The Community” Program. Allstate offers grants through its agents to non-profits which they volunteer their time to.

This group in focused on teaching kids the fast-growing sport of disc golf to youth in the San Diego area. They host free clinics, lessons and tournaments throughout the year.

It sounds a little silly but Disc Golf is actually a fun, cheap, family-friendly sport. San Diego hosts one of the countries first courses in Balboa Park (1979 – Many midwest cities actually have Disc Golf in the physical education programs. Give it a try!

God Bless You Mom

04abb87b78fc84fc5defe0a7396f6b93a55ff65d_20090519_2Charlotte R. Schellhaas was born in Hot Springs, Arkansas, on February 7, 1938. She passed away on May 14, 2009, after a two-year fight with cancer. To the end, she bore her pain and suffering with great courage, grace and dignity. She was surrounded by her family and friends in her final hours, but, as was typical of her great compassion, she chose to wait until all good-byes were said and her well-wishers left to surrender her great heart. As in all things, she sought to spare the people she loved from as much grief as possible. The most important thing in her life was her family. She rejoiced in their company and her most joyous time was when her family and friends would come to her home for fellowship and good times. She was a collector of people. Most especially she loved to spend time with her grandchildren, recruiting them in her mischief. She loved travel and adventures and when she could include her family she was at her happiest. Charlotte was a retired Account Executive for AT&T. She is survived by her husband, CDR Richard Schellhaas, USN (Ret.); her six children, Robin Ceriani of Grants Pass, OR; David Tocki and David Weiss of Leesburg, VA; Ron and Kristen Tocki of Ramona, CA; Tom and Gail Hurn of Poway, CA; Jeannie and Ricardo D’Abreau of Carlsbad, CA; Jerry Gill of Las Vegas, NV; and Capt. Ross (USMC) and Kristine Schellhaas of Twenty-Nine Palms, CA; her brother, Emmit Hassin of Seal Beach, CA; as well as her 13 grandchildren and her large and diverse “family” of friends. Services were held at Canyon View Christian Fellowship in San Diego on Monday, May 18, 2009. In lieu of flowers, please make donations to San Diego Hospice or Griffin Schellhaas,

Fire Preparedness

Live For Griffin!

From My Niece’s Blog…
griffin2We have just received the go-ahead from the Marine Corps Base here on 29 Palms. Dinosaur Park is being rebuilt and we have the opportunity to provide equipment, benches and other items in Griffin’s honor. Please help us fundraise! You can make donations and/or buy shirts to help this cause: Even if you can’t donate, please pass the word onto everyone you know, that would be a huge help. Thank you all for your support! On November 10, 2007, Chad Estes issued a challenge to those attending. That was to do something incredible, do something hard. Do something that Griffin will never be able to do.”



turkeydinnerMEXICO CITY (Reuters) – A cartel engaged in Mexico’s deadly drug wars has told its members to avoid heavy drinking and using narcotics and live a clean family life as it tries to build a well-run criminal organization, police say. Rafael Cedeno, a leader of “The Family” cartel based in the western state of Michoacan, told police after he was arrested at the weekend he had trained several thousand cartel members with courses in ethics and personal improvement. “The indoctrination of this group consisted of courses they considered to be for personal improvement, values, ethical and moral principles of the criminal gang. The objective was for the subordinates to avoid drugs, hard drinking and maintain family unity,” the federal police said in a statement. Cedeno, 47, was picked up at a family baptism on Saturday with 43 others after a raid by police in helicopters. Accusations against him include ordering the murder of rivals and running prostitution rings of young girls. About 6,300 people died in the bitter war between Mexico’s drug cartels last year. The conflict has spilled over the border into the United States, worrying President Barack Obama. The training courses show the level of organization of Mexico’s cartels, well-armed groups which often control territory and take on federal police and the army. The point of training was “to have better motivational and emotional control over the members,” the statement said. “The Family” has previously portrayed itself as a local organization protecting Michoacan residents from outside drug smugglers, many of whom frequently indulge in drugs or drink. The group, a splinter group from “The Gulf” cartel, now fights its former allies for control of territory in Michoacan, often leaving gruesome messages next to decapitated heads. On a visit to Mexico last week Obama voiced strong support for President Felipe Calderon, who sent tens of thousands of troops and federal police to fight the cartels in late 2006.